Monday, March 24, 2008

I actually finished something!

So. More than a year after starting, the Ravenclaw Sesame is DONE! Hellz yes. I got really frustrated while seaming the sleeves into the armholes last summer and packed it away to be forgotten about at the bottom of the knitting bag. A couple weeks ago I finally decided I'd suck it up and finish the darn thing. Too bad I'm like 8 months late for all of last summer's Potter craziness. I would have enjoyed including this in my nerd outfit that I wore to the Deathly Hallows release.

There are a bunch of mistakes and little things I don't like about this sweater, but I finished it. I'll try not to gripe too much. Overall, I think it's pretty darn fabulous.

Pattern: Magknits Sesame

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Navy and Oxford Grey

Ravenclaw pride, yo.