Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cheap + Crafty= YAY!

Heck yeah!
I wandered out to my dad's woodshop on Sunday and decided to make these hairsticks. (or instruments of death, as my dad has dubbed them) I've seen lots of pretty ones on online stores, but my cheapass self couldn't stand the thought of forking over 30 bucks when I could probably figure out how to make them on my own for free using my dad's wood scraps.

It was pretty fun! I got to learn how to use the sanding machine and only sanded off skin on ONE of my knuckles! Go me.
The one on the left is some variety of mahogany and the one on the right is oak. I stained the oak one and coated them both in amber tinged captain's varnish. I've been sanding them with fine grit sandpaper and doing coats of varnish all week. Varnishing them without them falling over or getting fingerprints all over them is pretty much impossible. These sticks have been the source of many a frustrated grumble, but I'm still pretty happy with them. Those cheapie plastic ones that you buy at the Winn-Dixie just don't cut the mustard!

I've also put a little more work into the Homestar Runner pants. They now have...

a somewhat sloppy looking TROGDOR the Burninator-

And Marshie-

The Ravenclaw Sesame is still in the works. I've got it all seamed up and it is waiting for button bands. Dreading picking up all of those stitches!