Monday, August 20, 2007

All hail the self-timer

My best friend and I went to the Family Values Tour when it came to Orlando last weekend. We had an awesome time and got to see tons of awesome bands perform. By the time we got out to check out the merchandise table, a lot of the bands had come to collect their stuff. I was quite disappointed that I wasn't able to blow $30 on an overpriced Atreyu t-shirt. Atreyu is one of my favorite bands. They rock the hizzle. So what's a cheap, crafty girl to do? Bleach stencil her own shirt, of course!
So here is the result of a $3 black Hanes boys t-shirt, a bottle of bleachy water, a stencil from the stencilry, and a little patience:

With bleach being so touch and go, I think it's a pretty cool result. I'm not crazy about the weird pumpkiny color the bleach unearthed, but for $3, I'll take it.

Bleach stencils FTW.