Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Patience prevails

We have a grafted Rogue hood!But be careful not to look too close lest you find that the stitches are twisted and uneven.Shhh!
It looks good from far away though.As long as noone comes within a couple inches of the back of my neck (or top of my head) it should be okay.

I grafted this last..Wednesday,I think.I've been gone on a boat trip ever since then.The marina we stayed at didn't have any internet connection.

The trip was great though!We had a whole newfie weekend.We were in St. Augustine's annual Christmas parade with the Newfoundland Club of Florida and went to a fund raising dinner/fine arts auction for for the newf rescue afterwards.
On the trip there I worked on my first Rogue sleeve:

We were quite busy for most of the weekend with club meetings and stuff,so I didn't get to work on it much but I'm really starting to feel like I'm getting somewhat close to finishing this sweater.It's so gratifying.I'll probably knit another.

Want to know what else is gratifying?

See all those gray t-shirts?There were about 80 people wearing them on Saturday.What's so special about them?I drew the picture that's on the front.It was pretty awesome to see something that I worked so hard on being enjoyed by lots of people!

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wiffygal said...

woah... impressive! U should be so proud that your work is selected and worn by so many people. U r so talented at drawing too!