Tuesday, April 03, 2007

ZOMG Painting!

I've been doing some painting over the past few weeks. It started with the whelping box. My mom asked me to paint a design on it and it's been a work in progress for almost 4 weeks now. I think it's almost done (see how big the puppies are getting? They're 3 weeks old now! How the time flies...)

Then I was really bored over the weekend and got the brilliant idea to mess around with a pair of old jeans I have.
They're not the most flattering pair and they also have a hole in the knee, but their paintjob was just what they needed to make me love them again!
I decided to paint characters from Homestarrunner.com completely on a whim. I LOVE that site! All of the cartoons are so funny and strangely addicting.
First I did The Cheat:

Then the next day I got around to doing Homestar:

Here's the placement on those (sorry about the toe shot. Ew!):

I did The King of Town today:

Here's his placement:

I love them! The Cheat cracked a little bit when I wore them yesterday, so I'm going to have to be extra careful with them. Hopefully it won't happen after I heat set everything.
These are kind of a work in progress. I'm having so much fun with them I want to paint until I don't have any room left!
I sense it becoming another addiction :D


wiffygal said...

wow the painting looks good & arty! great job! U have soooo much creativity & talent!

I love what u did with your old jeans, they r so cute! Is it done by drawing directly on the jeans with fabric paint?

the puppies are growing up fast ^^ so adorable!

thanks for your encouragement about my crochet... actually on close view, u see lots of small holes, but I'm too lazy to re-do and will be most glad if I can complete the project ;D

Anonymous said...

The KoT rocks the hizzy, and you know how much I <3 the Cheat. Those are phenomenal, and I wish I had some!