Sunday, September 24, 2006

Poor bloggity blog!

I have neglected you so.
It is a good thing that noone actually reads this!
I posted 2 times and then moved on to bigger and better blogs which noone actually reads either.
But now I'm back and with a rant about my WIP sweater.
Here's the lowdown.I'm using a pattern a lovely fellow craftster translated from german.Well,apparently I have bigger arms and shoulders than those germans.

Where do I begin?I started this thing in mid July-sometime around then- and have been knitting my brains out trying to finish it since.
Well my dears..You can imagine my glee when I finished all of the knitting of this sweater yesterday!Including the hell known as picking up 212 stitches around the neckline and doing 8cm. of ribbing!
But alas,the sweater and I have had a falling out.
You see,happy little me started seaming one of the sleeves into its armhole yesterday.All was well (if a little lumpy looking) so I continued to seam the sleeve shut..I tried it on and to my dismay,the armhole was unpleasantly,uncomfortably,and undeniably tight!So was the sleeve,but I can deal with that.Mostly because there is no way in hell that I am going to completely redo 2 sleeves.

Well,I actually probably will..but I'm too busy being ticked off right now to admit it.You see,there are 5 stages of grief.I'll give you a little list here.

1-Denial-"this can't be happening to me!What did I do to make the knitting gods frown down upon me?"
2-Anger-"why me?What a freaking waste of yarn and time!"
3-Bargaining-(this is the point I'm at now...)"Well, maybe if I go back and add a few rows.."
4-Depression-(which I hope I skip over)
5-Acceptance-This is the part where I'll either fix the sweater or it will get unravelled and go back into the froggy pond with all of the other failed projects.

And so,the adventures of what was to be the first COMPLETED sweater continue...

On to some happier news.Since I thought that my sweater was almost finished,I ordered up the yarn and pattern for my next project,The Rogue . Is that not the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?
It is. Yes..Ever since I first saw it a few months ago,I have deamt of knitting it.Literally,which is kind of scary. But I'm so close to starting this now.I'm so excited.I ordered KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Fern yesterday.It was so hard to choose a color and I hope I made the right choice!
But anyway,I was reading a thread on Craftster about the time it usually takes for Knit Picks to send out their orders.Some people said that they were waiting for 3 weeks before their yarn came!It made me pretty worried.I'm not sure if I can wait that loooong!!(I am known to have toddler-like patience when waiting for something to arrive in the mail)
I hope all goes well.

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