Monday, September 25, 2006

So darn predictable...

As you may have guessed,my sweater and I are indeed on our way to making amends..Hah.As if I could really convince myself it would be a good idea to rip up all that work!
I added a few rows to the body armhole piece to make them bigger yesterday and am re-knitting the super tight sleeves.Well,Sort of.I don't have much of a sense of humor for that thing right now so I cast on,knit 2 rows of ribbing,and packed it up in my knitting bag.Meh.
I did a swatch earlier today for a Ravenclaw!Hoodie I had in mind,but I'd need like,size 11 needles to get gauge for the pattern I'm going to use .I think that's too holey for my taste so I'll probably end up using my trusty size 6 circs and adjusting the pattern a bit.Hopefully I have enough yarn! I got 2 balls of gray and 4 of navy in Lionbrand Wool-Ease.I'm going to make the pattern above a full length sweater,so I need more yardage than specified.I think I'm going to do POA style stripes.
Anyway,I'll post pictures of my WIP sweater when I don't have a really bad headache.So probably tomorrow.

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