Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Here's my progress on Rogue since my last post.Not much,I know...But I have a life (which actually has consisted mainly of sleeping for the past few days,but still..)

Anyway,I've been starting to brainstorm about making this year's Christmas gifts..I don't think I'll craft much besides some golf club head covers for my grandma.I'm trying to think of how I'll incorporate elephants into that.She really loves elephants.
Other gifts might include a sewn wallet for a friend of mine.I might knit or crochet her a purse or something instead though.I've had my eye on some cool ones for a while but have never made them because I don't use purses much.
I was thinking to of knitting some armwarmers or hats or something for her 2 younger sisters.I think they're 8 and 10 so I'm not really sure what they'd like.



bunchkin said...

Christmas crafting can be crazy. Pace yourself. I am a left handed (formerly) homeschooled knitter, too! ( I homeschool my own kiddos now) Nice to "meet" you!

spirals said...

rogue! im so jealous its such a beautiful sweater!!!