Friday, November 03, 2006

More progress

Yeah,boring boring post.I just wanted to update with a few pictures of my progress on the various knitting projects.

The Rogue:

Not much to say here.

One of those pesky sleeves I'm re-knitting that I talked about in...HAHA..September!

I whipped this out to work on last night.I pretty much forgotten about it until then!The body portion was laying all pinned out on the drapery table since,well,September!I'm getting far too used to working on enormous size 10 needles.It feels like progress on this is going so sloowwww!And I'm only using size 6's!

Last,a scarily enormous slipper I'm making for my dad:

I just hope the Paton's Merino felts as well as the Lionbrand Fisherman's wool I'm used to using.It's so much softer! I think I'll make my next project in it!

Ha!I say that as if I'll be starting another project soon!I'm pretty much in over my head right now.

Still brainstorming for Christmas gifts..I think I want to make a Noni bag for my friend.


bunchkin said...

Wow! MILES of stockinette you've got going there!

Nicole said...

Yeah,pretty brainless..Which is part of the reason why the sleeve and the slippers are taking so long!