Sunday, November 19, 2006

What happens when...

What happens when I get really bored and have a hankering for some new yarn?
Dyeing!Woo hoo!
I'm trying my hand at dyeing some yarn with tea as we speak.The house currently smells like rotten peaches and a wet sheep,but that's okay!

So,I pretty much know diddly about tea dyeing..I've done lots of kool-aid dyeing,but we didn't have any kool-aid packets in the house!I googled 'dyeing wool with tea'.It didn't help much.I searched the same on Craftster and got the gist of it (basically,I gathered that all you do is plop your yarn in a boiling pot of really steep tea.)I thought to myself 'We have lots of tea!'
So I added some tea to the really old (and seemingly neverending) skein of fisherman's wool I've had in my stash for at least 3 years,and now I've got myself a stinky pot of yarn.


I took that picture in the beginning of the process..Triple the amount of tea packets you see and that's pretty much how much tea is in there now.It is a looot of tea!
The yarn really isn't as dark as I had hoped.I might end up overdyeing it with some kool aid (maybe blue?)
We'll see how it turns out!

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bunchkin said...

ahhhhh...... how refreshing! Nothing like the smell of rotten peaches and wet sheep to open up those sinuses. I would love to see how that yarn overdyed with blue turns out. Looks like you had fun! :-)