Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Strange Cravings...

Yeah,lately I've been having strange cravings for some of that Trekking XXL Sock yarn.
You may not think this is odd,but I friggn HATE knitting socks on anything smaller than size 10 needles to be felted.I don't really even wear socks all that much!
It was that darn iPod cozy that got me hooked on teeny tiny needles.And who can resist the call of a pretty color changing yarn?
Sooo...Any suggestions on which colorway to order up? :D

Erm,in other news,I swatched and cast on for MagKnits's (MagKnits'?MagKnit's? Whatever.) Sesame in Ravenclaw colors.
You know it had to be done! Especially since I went to that Harry and the Potters concert last week (which totally rocked the hizzy,BTW.) and saw the masses of people with House Scarves wrapped around their necks.It totally made me want my Ravenclaw Cardi.Now.
I feel so naughty.As all of my other projects sit unfinished,I cast on for more and more.I feel like a cheater.My Rogue,for instance,has the majority of a sleeve done.So close to finishing and yet I start a new project!

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Davin said...

oooo a sesame in ravenclaw colors would be awesome! but i'm pretty sure i'd be in hufflepuff, so i would do those. also, harry and the potters totally rock!