Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sore Fingers

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It's chainmaille!How cool is that?I came across some chainmaille making tutorials and had to try it out (and got some really weird looks from my mom when I told her what I was doing).Just to see if I actually could.It took me 2 days to actually get the hang of it!It's harder than it looks.It's also murder on your fingertips.The end result is really cool though.
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I've also been working on my Ravenclaw Sesame.The back is almost done.I just finished the armhole decreases.
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Woo hoo.

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bunchkin said...

I've always wanted to make chain mail! And I'm really digging the blue and silver. My mom doesn;t even blink anymore when I tell her my newest crazy crafting ideas. She jus says "Oh, well... that should be interesting" LOL