Sunday, March 04, 2007

Thoughts on sleeves.

Why must sleeves be such a PAIN in the ASS?!

It seems like every sweater I attempt never gets done!
The sleeves.
They piss me off.They're long and usually require lots of increases,therefore starting out relatively harmless and end up a long,endless stockinette mostrosity.
And you have to do two.Talk about boring.

So for my Sesame cardi,I decided to do them both at once.I'm up for any mind tricks to make me think I'm only doing 'half' the work!
I suppose it's working out okay,except for the big tangly messy mass of yarn that I'm trying to work with.Those are always fun.

Who came up with the idea of sleeves anyway?I think they deserve a good kick in the shins.

/end pointless whiny rant

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bunchkin said...

Ick. Tell me about it. I have been working on the same sleeve for two weeks now, I knit for hours and it's the same length. What the heck???? My little sleeve mind game plan is to knit one sleeve now, knit the back, then another sleeve, then the fronts. Mix it up a little and all that. But they still suck.