Thursday, June 07, 2007

FAIL >_<

*insert mumbled string of vulgarities and groans here*
I only washed them once for heaven's sake! I even washed them inside out!
I don't get it. It's only the white paint that chipped. I'm pretty sure I used the same amount of fabric medium in the mix as I did with all of the other colors.
It's all very disappointing. I spent all that time on those pants and now they look like crap. Nyah. I really liked them too.

It makes me very nervous about even entertaining the thought of washing my brand spankin' new Nightmare Before Christmas pants. (wrinkles ahoy!)

Because you know that wonderfully spectacular moon is mostly white paint.

I guess I'll be looking into using rubberized fabric paint from now on.

I'd also like to report that I have successfully picked up 140 stitches on one of the button bands on Ravenclaw Sesame without chucking my knitting needles out the window and/or dying.

As I get closer and closer to finishing this sexy beast, I'm starting to look for some suitable buttons. Do you know how hard it is to find 38mm dark colored wood buttons? Srsly. It's absolutely ridiculous! I could probably do a Google search for a flaming pile of monkey poop and get more results.

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bunchkin said...

I kind of like the chipped painy look. Maakes them look vintage. (-: