Monday, March 24, 2008

I actually finished something!

So. More than a year after starting, the Ravenclaw Sesame is DONE! Hellz yes. I got really frustrated while seaming the sleeves into the armholes last summer and packed it away to be forgotten about at the bottom of the knitting bag. A couple weeks ago I finally decided I'd suck it up and finish the darn thing. Too bad I'm like 8 months late for all of last summer's Potter craziness. I would have enjoyed including this in my nerd outfit that I wore to the Deathly Hallows release.

There are a bunch of mistakes and little things I don't like about this sweater, but I finished it. I'll try not to gripe too much. Overall, I think it's pretty darn fabulous.

Pattern: Magknits Sesame

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Navy and Oxford Grey

Ravenclaw pride, yo.

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cathyc (my Ravelry ID) said...

Lovely...I've just finished one too. Mine's in Lavold Chunky Al, which is 15 st/4 inches or so, hugely different from the pattern, but I got lucky and it is all about perfect. But my collar doesn't look nearly as good as yours, or the pattern's. For some reason it doesn't sit generously even though it is the correct dimensions according to the pattern. Cheers, Cathy