Saturday, July 12, 2008

New room

I moved into my new room a few days ago! I love it. It's not 100% done yet. I'm missing a nightstand, curtains, and some posters I ordered, but I'm excited to finally move out of my old room. I did all the work myself! Just like a big kid!

Hokay... Here's the view from the doorway

Turning left, you see my desk (which I am going to replace since this one is probably going to collapse at any moment, but I haven't gotten around to it yet)

Closeups of my bulletin board and posters above my desk


Hayy Spaced rasterbation! (sounds dirty but it's not. I promise.) I love Simon Pegg.

Further over, we have my lovely bed. I was originally planning on a raspberry duvet cover (because the theme was supposed to be black, white, and raspberry) but I couldn't find any sheets, comforters, fabric, or duvet covers in the color I wanted. It drove me nuts so I just ended up with a black one. This way, I can just change out my sheets when I want a color change.
Here's the view from where the bed is

That solid black patch next to my door is chalkboard paint. I haven't gotten the chalk yet, but I'm really looking forward to scribbling on my walls

Doctor Who rasterbations on my closet! The enormous David Tennant still scares the life out of me in the dark. It looks like someone is sitting up against my closet!

My awesome enormous closet contents

Lewis and Clark are extremely annoyed that they have to be woken up for silly things like a photo.

Here's the view from my window

I can actually go out onto the roof out there and walk around. It's really awesome! I brought a chair and watched fireworks out there on the 4th of July.

Graffiti that shows up only at certain angles or when the windows fog up

It says 'BAD WOLF' because I am a dork.

And that's my new room! w00t!


wiffy said...

Hey I love your room ... it looks so cool & spacious! I luv black bed sheets u know, I spent a long time looking for them and gave up, heh. The flowchart is so funny, and I bet it's nice to wake up with David Tennant staring at u, heh! And Lewis & Clark are as cute as ever, although looking a little pissed. Your closet is so neat with the shoes nicely lined up (u will faint if u see my wardrobe) :D

Anonymous said...

i tried to to the rasturbation thing, and i have been trying to figure out how you made the picture look so clear. did you use the downloaded version? send me a email please!:D